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About Ivanna

Ivanna Koshelya is a transcendental life coach whose integrative practice regards personal wellbeing as a network of interrelated systems - physical, energetic, and spiritual. She is a trance channel, energy healer, past life regression hypnotist, and a regenerative detox specialist. Ivanna is passionate about empowering and helping people reach their full potential.


Information is a powerful tool, which when used correctly can help effect profound change. In her work Ivanna uses a wide range of modalities intended to bring about personal and collective transformation.

In her multifaceted practice Ivanna offers a variety of services in addition to teaching classes on psychic and personal development, with a strong emphasis on the Law Of Attraction and conscious manifestation. Energetically adept, Ivanna employs various techniques to help clear blocks, emotional trauma, and psychic intrusion. She also enjoys giving Tarot readings.

Private and group sessions are available via Skype, FaceTime, and in person where accessible.

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