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About Ivanna

Ivanna Koshelya is a natural health and mindset coach whose integrative practice regards a person's wellbeing as a conglomeration of interrelated systems - physical, mental, emotional and energetic. 


You can count on Ivanna's competence and top notch expertise to effectively tackle a wide range of issues - from natural  body healing, somatic trauma release and  letting go of addictions  and self destructive habits, to consciousness expansion and spiritual development.

As a fruitarian detox specialist, Ivanna designs  customized dietary and herbal protocols  based  on the thorough  assessment of the clients' condition through  iridology, in-depth symptom  analysis, and other assessment tools. Ivanna is also  an experienced  fasting  coach offering guidance  and support  with regard to safe fasting practices, whether you're interested in juice feasting, water fasting or dry fasting.

Don't delay becoming the best version of  yourself and start your healing journey today by scheduling a private  consult! 

Disclaimer: Ivanna is not a medical doctor or a licensed therapist, and she does not diagnose or cure any diseases. Always exercise good judgment and seek the help of medical professionals when necessary.

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