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The idea that the state of one’s health can be gleaned from one’s eyes isn’t new. Iris analysis is believed to go as far back as 3,000 BC . 19th-century Hungarian physician  Ignaz von Peczely  is considered to be the founding father of iridology, having been able to observe and document the correlation between specific ailments and markings in the iris.


Eyes aren’t merely connected to the brain, but they are actually the outer portion of the brain. It is known that approximately 300,000 nerves from all over the body connect to the optic nerve through the brain. Iridology postulates that any changes in the functioning of each organ are communicated by this neural network to the optic nerve through the brain, and are then “recorded” in the eye by altering the fiber structure of the corresponding iris sectors.


Iridology can reveal the level of lymphatic congestion, genetic tissue weaknesses, digestive/gut function, chemical toxicity, endocrine deficiencies and much more! 


You can opt for an in depth written iridology report (100+ pages), or a one hour oral iridology consult that includes an abridged version of the report (20-40 pages).

Past life regression

Consciousness development

Tarot readings 

Get a customized protocol tailored to your specific goals and challenges, based on an in depth analysis of the comprehensive health assessment.

Ivanna offers coaching to detox specialists by giving them the missing links to becoming the most effective health consultants possible for their clients. These include diagnostic tools beyond the standard Dr. Morse practices and iridology, which allow for a  much more comprehensive assessment of the individual’s condition. There is a special emphasis on the importance of the nervous system in the process of healing, how to diagnose its dysfunctions through iridology and symptomatology, and how to regulate it for the purposes of recovery. 

Health consultations and fasting support 

Contact Ivanna to schedule an hour or half an hour session. Package discounts are available 

Energy healing


Psychic development


The Ascension Program helps provide the foundation to emotional freedom and creating a more intentional and meaningful life. This 5 session program is a great aid for those who deal with trauma, addictions or have encountered difficulties with emotions and cravings during detox that are holding them back from being able to sustain the raw food diet or the fasting lifestyle long term. Ultimately, it helps individuals remove resistance and obstacles to living their best life. 


The work involves:

- Understanding the nature of reality and the mechanism of creation

- Understanding emotions and how to use them for healing, self love and self esteem

- Inner child work

-Timeline therapy 

- Releasing negative emotions and rewriting unconscious programming through neuroplasticity(NLP) and Faster EFT

- Learning to sense and work with the subtle energies and the chakra body. This includes energetic techniques such as grounding, use of breathing to enter the gamma state, VELO(voluntary energetic longitudinal oscillation) as well as manipulating the chakra system to release blocks, perform self healing and healing of others, protect against psychic intrusion and increase psychic sensitivity

- Fostering a conscious connection with the Higher self and spirit guides for assistance and healing

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