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Past life regression is a bit of a misnomer because in the quantum field all lives exist simultaneously. The soul is comprised of a multitude of autonomous aspects scattered across countless timelines and dimensions, which collectively make up a singular multidimensional self. Each person is but a tiny aspect of this greater identity. What defines our experience is whether we identify with a minute component of the whole, or if we view ourselves as the overarching entity, of which our earthly persona is only a small part. Every individuated segment of the soul can be viewed as a doorway, which the collective consciousness walks through in order to experience itself as an endless variety of unique points of view. In this context, a version of you experiencing life in 1300s and a version of you living in 3200s, are just as real and solid as your present self. The only thing that separates these aspects of the collective is frequency. Each incarnation experienced by the soul can only be perceived as past or future relative to the observer's perspective. Hypnosis offers a unique opportunity to explore these other parts of ourselves - past and future - helping us put our present life into proper context, and allowing us to take a peek at the bigger picture. 

The method used by Ivanna is unique in that it helps clients attain healing - physical, mental, and emotional, by allowing them to glean relevant information from other existences. Ivanna facilitates first hand experience by inducing individuals into hypnotic trance, which transports them into other lifetimes and realities. This method has also been known to be used in recovery of lost or suppressed memories of events, such as contact with extraterrestrials. In addition to taking them on a journey through time, Ivanna also puts clients in touch with their Higher Selves so that they can receive answers to their most pressing questions. The Higher Self concludes the session by performing a comprehensive body scan and bringing powerful healing energy wherever needed.


Ivanna is a semi-conscious trance channel. She channels guidance and healing from Archangel Michael and a collective consciousness who call themselves P'htar. When working with clients on a continuous basis, as in cases of coaching, mentoring, or teaching psychic development, she works in tandem with her Spirit Guides. These highly developed beings help clear and reconfigure the clients' energy systems, as well as design custom exercises and meditations geared toward gradual growth, personal development, and expansion of consciousness.


Ivanna's energetic sensitivity and ability to tune into her clients' energy field, enable her to detect various imbalances in specific chakras. She is then able to work energetically on improving the condition of a person's etheric body. Ivanna often employs crystals to amplify and focus the energy  in order to enhance its healing properties..


Ivanna received her training as a life coach at NYU. Apart from the  classic coaching model, she uses her expertise on the Law Of Attraction to help clients manifest the life they desire. If you would like to create more love, abundance, and career satisfaction but feel stuck and unsure how to proceed, Ivanna can help guide you through the process of change by teaching the quantum principles of conscious manifestation, and by providing meaningful support.  When coaching, she uses all the tools available at her disposal, including channeling, hypnosis, energy work, and fortifying physical wellness through diet and detoxification.


Focus on the physical aspects of a person's health may seem incongruent or superfluous for a metaphysician and an energy healer, unless the implicitly inherent interconnectedness of the physical and the energetic systems is properly understood. The physical body is a secondary manifestation, which is modeled after the primary energetic blueprint. The vast network of chakras is responsible for nourishing the organs associated with them. There is a constant feedback loop between the physical and the energetic, where one unavoidably affects the other. For instance, emotional trauma, which caused an individual to put up barriers and close themselves off from connecting with others, also shuts down their heart chakra. If this becomes a long term pattern, the reduced flow of energy in and out of that chakra will eventually manifest as heart disease, breast cancer, or COPD. At the same token, poor diet and lack of activity, or adequate rest will negatively affect the vibrational frequency of the energy body. A less than healthy lifestyle will inevitably hinder energetic and spiritual development, regardless of the time spent on meditation, channeling, or communicating with spirit guides. Because we are physical beings, the body will always be a limiting factor when it comes to our psychic or paranormal abilities. However, the extent of this limitation isn't fixed, but rather depends on how dense or refined we make ourselves though a variety of choices.  Elevating the frequency of the body by transitioning to a plant based diet, makes the body less dense, thus automatically opening a person up to higher levels of consciousness. 

To transform the body into a finely tuned receiver of high frequency energies, Ivanna uses iris analysis to accurately assess the level of her clients' toxicity. The eye provides a unique view into various organ systems, exposing individuals' genetic weaknesses, which could potentially evolve into serious issues unless proper lifestyle adjustment are made. Having gathered necessary data, Ivanna makes dietary suggestions along with herbal protocols to help bring her clients into a state of  balance and wellness. As a result, clients notice a shift in their emotional state, with lower levels of anxiety and/or depression, and report becoming more loving and positive overall. 

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