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Channeling on 5D Ascension, COVID-19 and 5G fears

In the last few weeks all of our lives have been upended by the global pandemic that has gripped the entire world, putting everything on hold. Facing grim uncertainty, while fighting for basic survival, we've had to re-evaluate our priorities, attitudes, and future goals and aspirations. Reactions to these unsettling events have run the gamut from fear and panic, to excitement and hope at the prospect of dismantling the old systems and ushering in a brighter tomorrow. Friends and clients have asked what all this means on a greater scale, and what implications it might have for our way of life moving forward. Below is a compilation of material I have channeled for myself as well as for some of my clients on a range of topics that seem to have captured the attention of so many.

On 5D ascension and COVID-19

"You think of "The Event” as a singular happening or a moment in time, but this is not actually the case. "The Event” as you understand it has not only been in progress for decades, but it has also been steadily accelerating since December 21, 2012. This date was the demarcation point when the window has opened up within the fabric of the space/time continuum, presenting humanity with an opportunity to transition into a much less dense dimension of existence. This was a long awaited chance to finally get off the karmic wheel, making it possible to transcend karma altogether and move into a reality that was no longer bound by its laws of cause and effect. Of course, this meant that whatever karmic carryover each individual still hadn’t resolved at that point, had to be dealt with in order to be able to leave the third density matrix, and ultimately make the transition into 5D, which means leaving the physical system of existence altogether and no longer incarnating on planet Earth. Of course, this requires transitioning into the quasi-physical fourth density first, before you can accomplish that monumental feat. This fourth density shift is what's currently unfolding globally for the human race.

The energy of acceleration has been building ever since and will culminate on December 21, 2021. It’s no accident that the dates encompassing this period are comprised of the same numbers, albeit inverted. When you add them up (2+0+1+2), numerologically speaking, you’ll have come full circle, arriving at the same point that you have started, thus closing out the cycle with the number 5. Five is the number of humanity, representing the vibrational signature of the human race. But in this instance it carries an additional meaning, as it also represents the apex of humanity’s physical evolution, culminating in ascension into the fifth-dimensional format. This is the last stop, so to speak, before the Christ Collective leaves the physically oriented expression of consciousness for good. The human race will continue to evolve within the 5D vibrational spectrum of reality for thousands of years, prioritizing a completely different value system of development and growth. This is what’s going to be known as the golden age. So the countdown began in 2012, and will be finished in exactly 9 years, which is another important numerological marker, signifying the completion of a cycle. What you’re seeing now is the energy, which has been slowly building since December 2012, intensifying and reaching its peak. You’re not done yet, however, as the momentum will continue all the way into December 2021.

Within the last eight years you were all given the opportunity to tie up karmic loose ends and elevate your frequency. The ascension has been happening on a smaller scale with some individuals transitioning ahead of the curve. But now that the window is closing fast, the urgency to make the necessary changes that will be your keys to the 5D kingdom, is becoming more pressing. Having manifested as a worldwide pandemic, you're seeing what looks much like when the crowds are heading toward the fire exits during an emergency, where the panic is causing a serious bottleneck at the doors. Since you’re almost out of time, there is a greater number of people rushing to get their vibration sorted in order to make it through before the last call. Not all will be able to do that though, as many have been procrastinating and not taking the necessary steps to raise their frequency. Unfortunately, the vibrational gap between where they are and where they need to be to make the jump, is simply too great to bridge. Because the 5D energy is building, you're seeing the sifting and separating of frequencies. From your point of view, you will see many people who failed to raise their vibration perish; but on the flipside, from their perspective, those who transition into the higher frequency reality will appear to have perished as well. So it all depends on your vantage point. There's no need to feel sorry, however, because everyone has the free will to choose their reality, and not everyone on the planet has decided to move onto the 5D Earth at this time.

As you look back on the last eight years, we urge you to think about the themes that were figuring prominently in your lives at the starting point of December 21, 2012. What new trends were beginning, and more importantly, what trends were starting to unravel, fold or contract? These are the things that will be coming up for review and final resolution within the next year and a half, and you need to do your best to get on the right side of the vibrational spectrum if you are to enter the ascended Earth.

What we want to make clear is that the pandemic itself isn’t "The Event"; the Earth's ascension is. What you perceive as a virus, is isimply an activation code installed by the soul as a type of an alarm system, which was programmed to go off when the 5D transitional portal was beginning to close. It’s signaling that lest you get moving, you will miss your chance to enter the kingdom of the golden age.

Let’s take a closer look at the mechanism of this ascension process. The human genome consists of 12 DNA strands, 7 of which are connected to the physical expression through the chakra system. The collective decision to ascend into 5D involves bringing forward those DNA strands, which up until now have either been dormant or only existed on the non-physical level. These genetic components are currently being turned on, which, of course, alters the physical constitution, structure, and function of your organism. But these DNA strands are not being physicalized per se; what’s happening is that because the vehicle of manifestation is being upgraded through the elevation of frequency, the human body is becoming much less dense, while at the same time expanding its capacity to hold more divine light. The reason for this transformation is that people are changing their default settings to a permanently higher new vibration, which corresponds to a more ethereal embodiment of the human form. So it’s not that the non physical components of DNA are being crystallized onto the physical level; but rather, having ascended to a higher dimensional plane, those DNA strands, which were previously invisible in the 3D reality, are now being perceived as having substantive quality, because the human body is finally starting to match their frequency. So instead of the non physical DNA strands physicalizing, what's actually happening is that the body is partially de-materializing. You may see this manifest in the coming years as the scientific community suddenly discovering new genes whose location and function were previously unknown.

This evolutionary milestone had been encoded by the soul as a probable line of consciousness development into the blueprint of every individual before incarnating into the physical reality. When this program went live, so to speak, the countdown to execute the transition into 5D began. Those individuals whose energy has not been raised sufficiently to withstand the new frequency, are experiencing sickness because their body cannot support the intensity of the 5D vibration. The incompatibility of the dissonant frequencies is causing a disruption of normal physiological function. Whether or not these beings make it, depends on the degree of dissonance between their current base frequency and the new frequency that everyone is being attuned to, as well as the individuals’ ability to make the necessary corrections/adjustments in their vibration. On the other hand, those whose frequency is in alignment with the 5D vibration, experience zero difficulties. As you may be aware, scores of people have tested positive for the virus (because as we said earlier, it's in everyone), yet they don't exibit any sysmptoms.

On fears surrounding the 5G network:

There’s a parallel between the 5D and the 5G. As it stands now, 5G is the manifestation of the fear based programming that’s taken hold in so many individuals, and which hasn’t been released. This old programming is an impediment to their transition into the fifth-dimensional reality. Understand that nothing happens TO you. The world, the government, and the so called deep state don’t exist outside of your Consciousness; they are nothing more than materializations of your deepest fears dressed up as institutions, technologies, and people. As manifested aspects of your shadow self, these entities only exist as you have created them, to serve as a mirror that brings awareness to the darkest recesses of your consciousness. What you’re experiencing can be likened to your becoming aware of the shadow you’re casting against the light. You see the ominous looking shadow and mistakenly believe that you’re being stalked by a scary monster that is out to get you, failing to recognize that you are the source of the apparition. Naturally, you don’t get rid of the shadow by fighting it or attacking it. You get rid of it by stepping into the light. The very point of shadow work is to recognize and validate those parts of yourself that are dark and unloveable, by embracing them and integrating them into the light of your being. Because the more light you embody, the less room there is for fear and negativity.

You need to recognize that physical reality isn’t a “real”, tangible place but is a dream construct that only exists between your ears. We mean this quite literally. The world that you perceive as solid, independent, and seemingly removed from yourself is, in fact, only an extension of your own energy. No one else inhabits it but you. This isn’t a metaphor or a figure of speech; it’s Quantum physics. All the other people that you perceive are simply varied aspects of your own energy; they only appear disconnected from you because you’re observing them from a different perspective, as dictated by the various vantage points against the backdrop of space-time. This means that you own absolutely everything in your reality, the good, the bad and the ugly. The only way to change the things you don’t like is to first recognize that they are your own progections, manifested through misdirected energies. Stop fearing them and stop fearing your fear. It’s as silly as being frightened that a cake you baked is after you and is plotting to kill you. If you became aware that the cake you baked was unhealthy, distasteful, or even poisonous, would you in your effort to protect yourself organize Facebook groups to fight the cake’s deep pastry conspiracy to harm you, or would you simply chuck it in the trash and start from scratch?

Such belief in a hostile world is indicative of disharmony within the self, and is the result of a fractured psyche where the disparate aspects are at war with each other. This happens where the ego, fearing annihilation, is trying to assert its dominance without regard for the soul and the higher self, and is actually trying to override them. The reason for this is that the ego doesn't understand its limited role within the Whole Self, falsely believing that IT is in charge. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of one's personal psychological and emotional makeup, preventing the individual from recognizing how they project it into existence upon their energetic interaction with the 3D camouflage.

Please understand that the only way out of this predicament is to step out of your fear and maintain the highest level of frequency possible. Inhabiting a high vibration puts you out of reach of anything negative because only compatible frequencies can coexist together. The point is that the struggle you allude to is entirely unnecessary and is a product of resistance to the negative reality of your own making that is casting a shadow in your backyard. We also caution you not to take on the belief systems of others, simply because you can observe them in action. Just because something can exist, it doesn't mean that it has to become a part of your reality. The universe doesn't distinguish between right and wrong beliefs; it's utterly impartial and its automatic feedback system simply spits out what you put into it. Remember that you don't exist IN a reality; you ARE the reality you perceive! And so in going to war with the so-called negative forces, you're like Don Quixote fighting the windmills. Resistance is not the way to combat your imaginary foe; transcending to a higher level of consciousness is. Once you begin to occupy that vibrational state majority of the time, your perceivable reality will begin to reflect this change. It may manifest as dismantling of the 5G network because it’s found to be detrimental, or it may even manifest as the network turning out to be a positive thing. 5G as an energy construct is neutral. YOU assign meaning to it, thus defining how it will manifest in your life. The whole universe is inside you and you decide what goes".


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